This morning the Wallingford Rotary Club inducted its newest Rotarian, Todd Gregory, M.D. to our club. The ceremony conducted by President Dave Ballou with assistance from Randall Barclay DGE was a first for the little red schoolhouse club, done in a hybrid fashion with some participants in person at the Schoolhouse and some members participating via video conferencing. Hopefully this will be a new way of our little rotary club stretching its wings and making the world a little smaller and bringing people from all over the world to our club.

Congratulations to Dr. Gregory who is the Medical Director of the Emergency Department of Rutland Regional Medical Center! We are very happy to have you join our ranks as a Wallingford Rotarian!

Thanks to John Bob Siemienowicz, Incoming District Governor for his fantastic virtual photography skills capturing the moment!

Dr. Gregory joins our other new members this year, Drew Elwood and Paul Gillett and we are grateful for them all!

If you are interesting in joining our hybrid meetings, either in person or via video conferencing please send an email to randell.barclay@gmail.com to be included in our meeting invite! All are welcome!

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