Meeting Minutes

Wallingford Rotary will post its minutes here from the previous week’s meeting.

Wallingford Memorial Rotary Club

Meeting: January 28, 2019

Presiding: Nan Dubin

Attendance: 13   Make-ups: Dave, Randell, Erika, Bruce, Nan, Adrian, Don, Barry, Taffy, Lois, Kevin, Jay     50/50: Bruce

Visitors:  Paul Garland, Genevieve Krum

Minutes of last meeting: Corrections: None reported.

Events: (Please give your secretary relevant data for events)

  • Pork Dinner: Success thanks to all who helped. Special thanks to Lois. Net proceed $580.
  • Pre-PETS: February 11, 6:30.


  • There are 3 regular meetings in February. $20 is due February 4 (we were credited for January 21).
  • Randell was presented with a Paul Harris Fellowship award.
  • Don was voted treasurer for 2019-2020. Erika was voted president for 2020-2021.

Program: Randell did a slide show about the Tygerberg Children’s Hospital project in Cape Town, South Africa and outlined his efforts to raise donations from other clubs in the District

Upcoming Programs:  February 4: Cathy Stone     February 11: Habitat for Humanity     February 18: No Meeting


1.  Is it the truth?

2.  Is it fair to all concerned?

3.  Will it build good will and better friendships?

4.    Will it be beneficial to all concerned?



1.  Club Service                2.  Community Service

3.  International Service      4.  Vocational Service

5.  Youth Service

 We need new memberships to keep our club viable. PLEASE!!! Procedure: Invite prospective member to a meeting. Fill out membership form to be presented to board and then general membership. Announced for 2 weeks at club meetings. Prospective member is then told about Rotary at a fireside chat with at

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