Welcome to the Wallingford Memorial Rotary

Come, enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast for only $10.00. Our club meets Monday from 7 a.m. to 8 a.m.  All are welcome!

To learn about what’s new at the Wallingford Rotary click on the Blog link at the top of this page.

CLICK on our “What’s New Blog Post” section above to find out what is the latests goings on at our small but mighty club!

8 responses to “Welcome to the Wallingford Memorial Rotary

  1. Adrian Eisler

    Great to be have a live site again!


  2. Hello, I am the president of the Rotary CLub of wallingford, CT. I was contacted by a Rotarian from France who would like to get in touch with the club president. Please email me that contact info to mmmchugh50@gmail.com. Thank you. -Michele McHugh


  3. Bruce McConnelee

    Please have your President contact me about a visit to the PH school for approximately 45 Rotarians June 15 2019.

    Be the Inspiration,
    Bruce McConnelee
    Cell 518-944-3997
    Scotia Rotary District 8190


  4. Randell Barclay

    Thank you everyone for a wonderful lobster fest


  5. I went on your site today, 3/5/2022, to order for the roast pork dinner, 4/2, and there is no information about it. Site seems out of date, clicking on “events” leads you to 2020 things.


    • Anne, the link is now live. The ordering was not supposed to go live until 3/12 that is why you couldn’t find the link.
      Thanks for your support!


  6. Hello, your email address doesn’t seem to be working, my message bounced back. Do you have another I could use, or do you have a landline I could call? Thank you!


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